While we have some helpful holiday gift guides up on our site already, which we do recommend checking out. We might have to issue a retract because this new Kodak Super 8 camera might be the new best gift of the season.

Kodak has unveiled its plans to bring back their iconic Super 8 camera, but with a modern digital twist that should make it much more usable and fun. So, if you’ve ever been interested in trying out old school analog filmmaking, but don’t want to get too into the dust and weeds that might come with digging up an old analog camera, this might be the gift for you.

Featuring a 4-inch LCD display and digital menu, plus even a SD card slot for audio, this new Kodak Super 8 promises to be the best of both worlds. So, without further ado, let’s check out this new hybrid digital film camera and explore its bells-and-whistles.

The Kodak Super 8

This new Kodak Super 8 really strives to be the best of both analog and digital. While still a film camera at heart of course, it’s set to include plenty of digital touches including the aforementioned LCD display and a menu for changing all types of recording options (like aspect ratio for example).

“Composing shots on Super 8 is easier than ever before. The LCD viewfinder swivels, allowing a wide range of shooting angles. And thanks to its expanded screen, navigating features like aspect ratio overlays, interactive menu selection, and camera settings is intuitive and straightforward.” — Kodak

The audio recording is also quite neat as that would have to be handled separately anyway. So, with this built-in onboard audio recording system and external microphone, you’ll be able to record audio internally and even monitor audio levels from the LCD display. (Plus, with a 3.5mm input, you can also attach your own microphones).

Film Meets Digital

Dubbed by Kodak as featuring the “magic of analog filmmaking meets modern convenience,” this limited edition camera body could be quite fun for any content creators who might have been born after (or just after) the age of analog. However, it really should still offer that traditional Super 8 look and feel with its 16:9 widescreen extended gate recording.

Also, with this extended gate which has its own increased visual resolution, this new Kodak Super 8 should offer more capture area of the film strip for up to 11% more image than your traditional Super 8 cameras — which is pretty neat.

There’s also a 14:9 full-frame option that can allow for the camera to be edited together with other modern mirrorless and digital cameras. As far as lenses go this new Super 8 will use an interchangeable C-mount lens that will come with a 6mm 1:1.2 optic. You could also use any other C-mount prime lenses or adapters to mount the lenses of your choice too though.

We should also quickly mention that you’ll be able to use external monitors for this new Super 8 thanks to its HDMI out port as well.

The Kodak Super 8 LCD display

The Kodak Super 8 LCD display


Working with Kodak Film

What’s probably most fascinating to those of us who have mostly shot digital their whole careers though might simply be this opportunity to work with real film. And, as you might expect, the camera uses Kodak Super 8 film cartridges which include 50 feet of motion picture film and are available in three different Kodak Vision3 Color Negative stocks.

You can also of course use other reversal stocks like Ektachrome Color or Tri-X Black and White Reversal too. Also, for those clamoring to try out this iconic camera design, this new Kodak Super 8 will include its own integrated handle which will have a run button, as well as a pistol grip on the bottom that houses an additional button option.

As far as recording rates go, the Kodak Super 8 will feature crystal sync at 24 and 25 frames per second, although this will be available to over or under crank down to 18 or up to 36 frames per second as well.

Price and Availability

Alright, I do want to say that on a personal level, I love that this is coming out and I certainly want to get one. Yet, with a $5,495 price point it might seem to be a bit steep for just a novelty though. However, if you’re serious about trying out film and might want to actually use it for projects (even if it is just for B-roll footage or inserts), it could certainly be worth it.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Kodak Super 8 camera, you’ll need to sign-up to be a part of a reservation list on Kodak’s website here. (And you must sign up by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 at 11:59 p.m. EST to maintain your position of priority.)

The camera will initially launch in the US and later become available in other countries, and Kodak will contact customers in sign-up order when a camera is available for purchase in their region.