The second lens in Meike's Super 35 series has been announced via Instagram. The 50mm T2.1 joins the existing 35mm T2.1, with the company set to release focal lengths of 18, 25, 75, and 105mm all at T2.1 by the end of the year. The 50mm T2.1 is now available for a special pre-order price tag of $540. 

Optically, it's made from 12 elements in 10 groups with an 11 blade aperture, which is the same aperture design on the 35mm T2.1. Meike has also carried over the 77mm front filter thread, standard 0.8m mod gears, and its availability in PL and EF mounts. All smart moves by the company, since PL and EF are easily adaptable and having the same filter thread potentially the same across all the lenses will cut down on accessories. 

Also nice is the 270° focus throw, which will give you plenty of movement for some buttery smooth focus. Being a Super 35 lens, it can cover an image circle up to 33.6mm, pairing well with the RED Komodo, BMPCC 6K Pro/6K/4K cameras, as well the Canon C70 and cinema cameras like the Sony FS5 II.

If you have a full-frame (36x24mm) camera, the image circle is usually 46.3mm, so you'll run into some vignetting. If there's a Super 35 mode available, you can switch to it or crop in post. 

If you're looking for full-frame options, Meike also has them available in 35mm T2.1 and 50mm T2.1, which they introduced last year. 

There's currently a discount when pre-ordering the Meiki 50mm T2.1 lens for Super 35. After, it will retail for $569. The expected shipping date is April 5.