Meike teased its foray into cine lens territory in 2018, which amounted to MFT lenses with characteristics awfully close to Veydra. (Some suggest identical.) Since, the company has released APS-C options, and more recently, its first full-frame 50mm T2.1 lens available in PL, EF, RF, E, L, and Z mounts. The 50mm T2.1 is now shipping for about $900.

Now, Meike has announced a 35mm T2.1 Super 35 cine lens that's available in PL or Canon EF mount. It's slightly different than it's previous APS-C options in that it's purposely built for cine use instead of simply rehoused glass. The 33.6mm image circle points to that as it covers ARRI Alexa Open Gate, Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K/4K, RED Helium S35, and Sony VENICE Super 35 mode. 


Optically, the lens is constructed differently as well, using 12 groups and 10 elements for its fast T2.1 aperture that has an 11 blade iris design. Meike says the lens is capable of supporting 6K resolution with minimal distortion, flare, ghosting, or breathing. 

Like it's previous APS-C lenses, it has standard 0.8 mod gears for iris and focus control as well as a comfortable 270° throw to create smooth cine-like transitions. The minimum focusing distance is 18.8" (48 cm) making it an option for close quarters. The lens is equipped with a 77mm filter thread and an 80mm front diameter that allows shooters to attach ND filters or matte boxes. The 80mm front diameter is compatible with standard lens clamps from ARRI or Wooden Camera


Expect the PL lens length (98.5 mm) to be shorter than the Canon EF mount (98.5 mm) but both tout a diagonal field of view of 48.2°. The 35mm T2.1 marks the first lens in a series that includes an 18, 25, 50, 75, and 105mm all at T2.1.

No exact date when the other focal lengths will become available. The 35mm T2.1 is available for pre-order now for about $510.