We make mood boards and lookbooks for all sorts of projects. You can pitch music videos, features, and commercials by making them. But in order to make them well, you need access to high-definition images. And you need an encyclopedic knowledge of film and television because you have to seek out the images in your mind. 

Well, thanks to a new database that has made tens of thousands of images available, sorted by keywords, you don't have to think that hard. 

I present to you Flim.ai, an intelligent search engine available in beta, which already lists more than 65,000 HD images of films and documentaries of all genres: comedy, horror, science fiction through short films, and even black and white films!

Dan Perez, CEO of Flim, explained in a statement, “I originally created Flim because I am passionate about cinema. During my studies, I watched a lot of films and I spent a lot of time 'screenshotting' them, only to be inspired by them when making my own videos. I'm starting from a principle: the visual imagery offered by cinema is the richest and most effective ever created. Cinema interferes everywhere with the faculty of recreating all kinds of universes, settings, philosophy, and characters: from the era of prehistoric men with the War of Fire to the futuristic vision of an apocalyptic world of Mad Max through the birth of the universe of Terrence Malick.”

How Does It Work? 

Let's say you visit the site and you need to add an explosion to your lookbook. But you're not sure which explosion will work the best. So you go to the database and can search by genre, director, color, and other factors.

The intuitive AI ​​also identifies the elements present in the frame: objects, accessories, costumes, number of characters, sets, etc. 

Your search for explosions would return something like this picture below. 

Capture-1068x491Credit: Flim

I think the best way to learn more about the site is to explore it yourself. As the website says, "Flim is for creative people who believe that image communication is the best way to express their ideas."

So get out there and play with it.

Get exclusive access to the beta version of Flim right here!