While we almost tend to ignore it at times, it’s easy to forget that the biggest revolution in the world of video and content creation isn’t AI or streaming channel wars, it’s actually the slow and steady rise of YouTube.

There is no app or platform more powerful in the world these days than YouTube. Its market share is unmatched and its growth potential (either for a solo creator or a brand) is unparalleled. And if there’s one person who’s figured this out more than anyone else, it’s one Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast.

And despite all the cringey antics that you might expect to find with a YouTube personality, Donaldson has proven to be about as savvy as they come when it comes to the art of YouTube—and, more specifically, how to grow and monetize a channel.

That’s why it makes sense, in a certain way, that MrBeast would be the perfect co-founder for a new YouTube analytics platform. So, let’s check out this new ViewStats platform and explore why you need to check out how it could help you grow your YouTube channel as well.

ViewStats YouTube Analytics Platform

Co-founded by Donaldson alongside Chucky Appleby, a fellow content creator and entrepreneur who works with MrBeast at his headquarters in North Carolina, ViewStats aims to give content creators a much more thorough, and growth-driven, review of their YouTube analytics.

YouTube itself, of course, offers its own analytics, but ViewStats aims to give users more advanced metrics that they call “channelytics” that are more focused on estimated revenue and projected growth, as well as clearer insights into how users can improve their channels for better retention and monetization.

The platform also aims for a clean design and easier-to-understand format that YouTube’s built-in analytics to help content creators of any skill level sift through their numbers to glean insights into what videos they should potentially work on next.

A/B Testing and Other Features

If you aren’t super familiar with Donaldson and his MrBeast channel, all you really need to know is that Donaldson is regarded by many to be a genius and has become one of the most influential forces in the world of content creation. This is in part due to his success, of course, but as of late, Donaldson has also become the face of the business side of YouTube content as he shares quite a bit about his strategy and techniques.

One of the best features of this ViewStats platform is a MrBeast staple as it allows users to track the results of A/B tests involving your videos’ thumbnails and how this one—seemingly tiny element—can have a major impact on your video’s performance.

You can also test other various elements like views compared to different title changes, the rankings of your channel’s best-performing videos, as well as breakdowns into your long-form and short-form videos.

\u200bMrBeast's page on ViewStats

MrBeast's page on ViewStats


Price and Availability

Regardless of your familiarity with Donaldson, as well as your opinion on him, his influence over the YouTube content creation world is vast. And if Donaldson is indeed throwing his weight behind this new platform, it will undoubtedly take off.

But, even if you’re not a fan, it does certainly look like it could be a helpful tool not just for aspiring YouTube personality-types, but also for all types of brands, marketing agencies, or companies looking to improve their channels and grow their audiences.

At launch, ViewStats is available as a Chrome extension and is both subscription-free and ad-free. (However, it does sound like it might include a paid tier in the future.)