Navigate Horror with This Creator's Genre Subway Map

Horror Subway Map
Credit: Diogo Brüggemann
Less than a hundred days until Halloween, so you'd better get to watching all these horror hits!

We love a good infographic around here, especially one that helps us understand film and TV better. That's why we were so delighted to find Diogo Brüggemann's "Horror Subway Map" over on Twitter.

This is such a creative way to look at horror and all its subgenres. Each subway "line" is a type of horror film categorized under subgenres including psychological horror, supernatural horror, monster horror, killer horror, and gore horror. The lines get even more specific. Want some body horror? The orange line is for you. In the mood for zombies? Board the lime green line.

The "stops" on each line are a prominent film within that subgenre.

Check out the full-size map:

Credit: Diogo Brüggemann
Another ingenious thing the creator did here was to show overlap in genres for several films, so a movie like The Exorcist falls on the fanaticism/religion, possession, and devil/hell lines.

The films are not chronological, but this could definitely provide a literal map for anyone wanting to work their way through some of the best horror films of all time. We applaud the creator's hard work in putting this together!

Time to plant myself on the couch and get some viewing done.     

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