Have you ever wanted to see the world like an acclaimed cinematographer? Adjust your eyeballs to avoid overexposure as if they're lenses of acclaimed cinematographer's Roger Deakins or Emmanuel Lubezki? Well, folks, now you can skip the decades of art and craft by simply adding ND filters to your sunglasses. That's right, folks.

All joking aside, if you’ve ever been shooting with ND filters and thought “man, it would nice to have this quality of glass and coating in front of my eyes,” then these are the shades for you.

Designed by the photography filter and camera conversion company Kolari, the new Kolari Shades promise to be the “world’s sharpest sunglasses." They're also a solid option to block UV rays if you're simply looking for high-quality sunglasses.

Or, of course, if you want to channel your inner Deakins while walking around town. Doesn't matter if it's 1917 or 2049—who wouldn't?

The ND Filter Kolari Shades

Featuring Corning Gorilla Glass contained inside titanium frames, the new Kolari Shades are designed to do what sunglasses do best: protect your eyes against sunlight by blocking out infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. Kolari reports that these new ND filter shades will be able to block up to 100% of UV light and 99% of IR light, which can be quite helpful in fighting harmful ocular diseases down the line.

Kolari’s shades feature the same coating techniques as the company use on their own photo filters. The glass lenses will be fully anti-reflective and anti-smudge (just as you’d want your real lenses) to further protect against scratches and any other environmental damages.

Kolari also reports that these shades, with their infrared light blocking capability, will help wearer’s protect themselves against infrared-based facial recognition systems. So, there’s that as an added bonus, sleuths.

Seeing the World Like a DP

While this isn’t obviously the biggest selling point for Kolari’s sunglasses (realistically that's just the quality and function of the shades themselves), there is something to be said about their appeal if you work on set in film and video. This is especially true for any aspiring directors or DPs who spend a lot of their time looking through ND filters on their lenses and monitors.

They’re also solid and reliable, with well-made glass that's fully compliant with all federal regulations for resistance so you can rest assured that your eyes will be safe and protected.

See the world like a DP with the Kolari Shades

See the world like a DP with the Kolari Shades


Price and Availability

Currently launched on both Kickstarter and Kolari’s website as an early reservation purchase, the Kolari Shades are set to come in both silver and gold frames. And, while only one style is currently available, interested wearers will be able to select from three different lenses ranging from basic to ultra with higher UV and IR blocking capabilities down the line.

The basic lens model is available for $219 (although early buyers can reserve a pair for $119) and the Ultra and Ultra Gradient models are set to retail at $339 each (both are available for $179 for early reservations as well).