Mobile games keep your mind busy when faced with absolute boredom, and Netflix wants a piece of that action. 

The mobile game industry is one of the highest performing industries globally, turning out $77.2 billion in 2020. With 2.5 billion players, Netflix decided last year to launch Netflix Games, which promises ad-free games with no in-app purchases for those with a Netflix subscription. 

Yesterday, Netflix Games decided to expand, making a $72 million offer to acquire the Finland-based mobile games company, Next Games. Netflix VP of games Mike Verdu said in a blog post that the acquisition is to help the company “build a library of great games for our members to enjoy.” 

Next_games_stranger_thingsNext Games popular mobile game 'Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales'Credit: Next Games

This acquisition is part of Netflix’s desire to build a mobile game service into its regular subscription service. Netflix Games launched on iOS and Android last year and consists of a handful of mobile games that are available to download for free from the app stores if you are a Netflix subscriber.

Next Games has made games based on themes of the Netflix original showStranger Thingsand the hit show The Walking Dead. 

Verdu writes in the blog post, “While we’re just getting started in games, I am confident that together with Next games we will be able to build a portfolio of world-class games […] that will delight our members around the world.” 

This isn’t Netflix’s first acquisition of a game developing company. Last year, Netflix acquired Night School Studio with the hopes of developing more titles for its service in-house. 

Many of Netflix’s gaming services have been developed by external partners. Two games made by the developer are based on the Stranger Things franchise. Netflix has also licensed the pre-existing game Asphalt Xtreme to offer exclusively to its subscribers. 

Acquisitions are typically uncommon for Netflix, which has five associated with the streaming giant on Crunchbase, according to TechCrunch. The offer Netflix has presented to Next Games’ board of directors has all signs pointing to the acceptance of the offer.

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Source: The Verge