Originally reported by iFixIt, who obtained a copy of a letter distributed to camera stores participating in Nikon's Authorized Repair Program, Nikon is expected to end the Repair Program in early 2020. 

About a dozen stores across the country will no longer be able to repair Nikon gear and users in the US will be limited to dropping off or shipping gear to the Los Angeles or Melville, New York facilities.

It's worth noting that currently, only Nikon is authorized to repair some camera models, such as the D5 or the D850. So, if you picked up a Z 6 as part of your Black Friday shopping binge, no worries here as you likely always needed to ship that in for repair (in fact, no Z products show up in the Nikon Authorized Repair Station search).

For other models, though, a list of Authorized Service Providers is still provided for the camera, such as the D610 example below. But come March 2020, your only option, regardless of the product, will be the two Nikon facilities.

Screen_shot_2019-12-10_at_8Nikon D610 and examples of authorized repair services.Credit: Nikon

This news comes just a few weeks after reports that Nikon fell to the 3rd spot in overall camera sales for this year. It also comes the same week that the Nikon Museum announced a commemorative watch to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Nikon F 35mm camera...which is perfect to keep time with as you wait for your camera to return through the mail.