If you want to network, grow, and succeed as a filmmaker, you have to learn to get comfortable talking about your work. Luckily there are programs, like the Moonshot Initiative, which help emerging filmmakers successfully pitch their projects without feeling confused or afraid.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins speaks with nonprofit founders, Tracy Sayre and Katrina Medoff, to discuss:

  • How the Moonshot Initiative helps advance the careers of underrepresented voices
  • Working with people in all stages of their career
  • Offering a safe space for program participants to ask questions
  • The pilot accelerator program that helps filmmakers pitch tv show ideas
  • How Tracy and Katrina know when they have found an excellent script
  • The mentality you need going into a pitch meeting
  • Writing the pitch before writing the script
  • Why you have to be comfortable talking about your work
  • Moonshot Initiative on IG
  • The Moonshot Initiative Website

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