It's starting to feel like the 80s around here as a lot of the big news in tech at the moment seems to be in mergers and acquisitions. Last week we covered Hedge acquiring Postlab, and now news is out that digital dailies monster Pix is acquiring Codex. 

Both Pix and Codex are highly dominant, if not the default, at the high end of the production market. Codex have worked closely wtih camera manufacturers for on-set capture solutions enabling functionality beyond what is found in the camera standard recorder, and are well known for their ArriRAW capture tools. Pix offers a secure and widespread toolset for dailies sharing and review at the top of the market.


It's probably no accident that this move comes out during a period of increasing competition and innovation in the space of getting footage from set to post. showed off some of their amazing seamless dailies tools at NAB 2019, including a very elegant "automatic dailies upload" system mounted on the back of an FS7.  Shoot some footage and the box automatically and wireless created metadata matched online dailies directly in without so much as the click of a button. It was very slick. 

While has focused their business primarily on "work in progress" review after the project is already injested and edited has begun, it's a natural fit for them to move towards dailies since it already a brand that many users have grown to trust. 

Pix is likely feeling a bit of heat in that arena, which makes the Codex acquisition very smart. Tighter integration between Codex and Pix will likely lead to a more seamless workflow that should help Pix stay competitive in the dailies space as turnaround times get tighter and tighter.

The San Francisco based Pix and the London based Codex will keep their individual brands and offices, with Pix CEO Eric Dachs in charge of the two companies.   

For more information check out the press release.