We all know what to do to protect our cameras and lenses from the elements, but what do you do to protect your lighting equipment? 

If you're like a lot of filmmakers, you might try throwing tarps, visqueen, or even portable tents over your gear to keep it dry and safe from dust, dirt, and sand. But those things don't always work and can overheat your equipment and/or melt and become a safety hazard.

Enter Rob's Rain Hats. These things are flat, lightweight sheets of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that you can mount to the tops of your lighting fixtures, ballasts, and distro boxes to keep them safe from the elements. 

The Rain Hats range in size to cover a multitude of different lighting units, from huge 12, 18, 20Ks ($375) to small 400w Jokers ($256). You can order them now at Rob's Rain Hats' store.

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