Horror movies are in season, and horror screenplays are here for you to download and learn from. I am a huge fan of writers and writing, and I think crafting an excellent horror screenplay is one of the hardest endeavors. 

Horror scripts not only have to be interesting as stories, but they also have to make us scared as we read them. They're probably one of the most directly interactive of screenplays for readers. If they are boring or stupid, people put them down right away. 

So how can you learn to scare your audience? The best way, better than literally any other strategy anyone tells you, is to read the best horror screenplays out there. You have to read the way the masters have done it.

So don't worry, we have assembled 10 of the best horror screenplays below, all available for you to read and download! 

Now you can start your horror education today! 

10 Great Horror Screenplays to Download, Read, and Study 

Have any others to share? Drop them in the comments!