We know, we know, talking about audio for video is never as exciting and sexy as talking about cameras and production. That’s doubly true when talking about audio for podcasts and content creation, too. But yet, here we are looking at this new RØDE PodMic USB, and we have to mention it simply because it solves some critical problems in audio-for-video production that we think you deserve to know about.

The RØDE PodMic USB is an ultra-versatile dynamic microphone designed for podcasting, streaming, gaming, voice-over recording, and/or any other on or off-set audio production which you might need for your project. And while it’s pretty similar to other microphones out there, it is unique in its connectivity and ease of use and worth your consideration for the proper setups.

Let’s take a look at this RØDE PodMic USB and see how it might be right for you as it helps to get your setup fully connected.


There’s nothing too fancy here besides a cheap, affordable, and surprisingly quality and versatile dynamic microphone for your video and audio setups. Fully compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android devices, this is a true plug-and-play audio recording option that should offer high-quality portable podcasting or streaming solutions for a wide range of project types.

Here are some key features:

  • Broadcast-quality dynamic microphone
  • Analog XLR and digital USB-C connectivity
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers and iOS and Android devices
  • On-board DSP for advanced APHEX® audio processing
  • Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp™
  • Built-in headphone output with volume control and zero-latency monitoring
  • Compatible with RØDE’s suite of software – RØDE ConnectRØDE CentralRØDE Capture, and UNIFY
  • Integrated swing mount for simple and secure positioning
  • Internal pop filter for minimizing plosives and internal shock mount to reduce vibrations
  • Studio-quality external pop filter included
  • Robust, all-metal construction–incredibly rugged and highly durable
  • Designed and made in RØDE’s precision manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Australia

There’s also built-in headphone output with volume control and zero-latency monitoring, making it a nice backup option for on-set audio recording or if you’re in a pinch as your main setup. You can, of course, connect this new PodMic USB with  RØDE’s full suite of software, including RØDE Connect, RØDE Central, RØDE Capture, and UNIFY.

With an integrated swing mount design, you can secure the PodMic into pretty much any position you desire. Plus, despite its price, it's quite durable and rugged and should stand strong with heavier use and run-and-gun recording.

Podmic_usb_connectionsUSB and XLR connections on the back of the new PodMicCredit: RØDE

XLR and USB Output

However, while designed to deliver rich, full-bodied sound, the key feature of the PodMic USB is its inclusion of both an XLR and USB output for connecting to an audio interface or mixer like a classic broadcast microphone or directly to a computer for plug-and-play recording.

With the digital USB output in particular, you’ll get RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and powerful APHEX digital signal processing for capturing some great studio-quality sound with ease. Add on top of that a zero-latency headphone output complete with level control, and you’re looking at some seamless recording no matter what the setup.

Podmic_usbAnother solid option for various audio setupsCredit: RØDE

Specs and Pricing

Ultimately though, this isn’t the first or last quality microphone that we’re going to see from RØDE or their competitors.


  • For Podcasting & Streaming
  • Great for Content Creation
  • Analog XLR and Digital USB-C Outputs
  • Studio-Grade Internal Pop Filter
  • Internal High-Gain Revolution Preamp
  • APHEX Voice Processing
  • Zero-Latency Monitoring
  • Supports Smartphones and Tablets
  • Compatible with RODE Software Suite
Mic Only

But as far as adding some more connectivity and updated features, it’s currently one of the best for the price point and should be great for hybrid content creators looking to record podcast-type projects on the one hand but also fill in on a video project here or there as well.

How do you feel about this new PodMic USB and its connectivity options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.