RØDE has been an industry leader in the audio space for quite some time. From musicians to filmmakers, most of us have used a RØDE product at least once.

The company is now tackling the world of content creation with the introduction of its latest production, the Streamer X. This all-in-one streaming solution combines a professional audio interface, a video capture card, and a control surface into a compact console.

As content creators take on more hats, the need for an all-in-one solution is crucial to creating instead of tinkering with gear. So how does the RØDE Streamer X stand up? Let's get into it!

Simplifying Streaming Technology

RØDE hopes that the Streamer X will set a new standard for live streaming, gaming on Twitch, video podcasting, YouTube content creation, and even professional presentations. 

How are they planning on meeting this lofty goal?

With an all-in-one setup, the Streamer X eliminates the need for complex, multi-device setups, which is great for creators that might not be tech-savvy enough to get the ball rolling. The landscape is oversaturated as it is, so standing out will always be a challenge. Not having to expend your creative energy on gear is a good first step. 

The Streamer X allows for up to 4K30 video capture and 4K60 pass-through via HDMI, delivering image quality that will be overkill for most content creation applications. One could say it’s future-proof, perhaps?

RODE Streamer XStreamer X Rear I/OCredit: RODE

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support is also included and will mitigate, if not outright eliminate, lag and screen tearing, providing smooth gaming experiences for your Twitch viewers. 

On the audio front, the Streamer X boasts a Neutrik combo jack for connecting to XLR microphones, instruments, or other audio devices. The low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp should guarantee pristine audio quality on top of that. Furthermore, a 3.5mm TRRS input connects you to your headset, while the 1/4-inch headphone output should provide zero-latency monitoring.

The Streamer X doesn't stop there, however. It also features an integrated wireless receiver for RØDE Series IV wireless microphones, including the Wireless GO II and Wireless ME, which will be great for multi-person interviews such as live shows and streams on the go. 

With the internal DSP, creators can leverage APHEX processing, such as compression, noise gate, high-pass filter, Aural Exciter, and Big Bottom effects, to enhance their audio further.

Control and Flexibility

What sets the Streamer X apart in our opinion is its versatility as a control surface. With four fully customizable SMART pads, creators have the power to trigger sounds, voice effects, keyboard shortcuts, or other actions on the fly. This flexibility also extends to its dual USB-C interfaces, enabling connection to two computers or mobile devices. Configuring and controlling all of this should be super easy with the RØDE Central desktop companion app. 

​Furthermore, the Streamer X is compatible with the free UNIFY streaming software, offering advanced audio routing, mixing, and configuration options, which should enhance the overall streaming experience.

RODE Streamer XA streamer's dream setupCredit: RODE

Create Without Worrying About Your Gear

So, RØDE is hoping that the Streamer X is poised to transform the streaming landscape with its design, integration, and audio and video performance. On paper, we’re included to agree. But how this will perform in the hands of content creators remains to be seen. 

RØDE Streamer X

  • For Streaming
  • Gaming & Content Creation
  • Combo XLR-1/4" Input
  • Revolution Preamp
  • Up to 4K30 Streaming
  • 4K60 Pass-Through
  • APHEX Audio Processing
  • Four Customizable SMART Pads
  • Dedicated Headphone & Headset Jacks
  • Two USB-C Connections
  • HDMI Input and Output/Thru
  • Selectable 48V Phantom Power
  • Compatible with All RODE Software
Unit Only

If the overall release presentation is anything to go by, it should all be rock and roll. 

For more information about the Streamer X visit RØDE's website. For everything else, jump down in the comments and let us know what you think about this piece of kit!