Jazmin Jones and Olivia McKayla Ross are the creative minds behind the documentary Seeking Mavis Beacon.

The feature, which premiered at Sundance 2024, investigates the disappearance and reexamines the legacy of one of the most influential Black women in technology. The documentary also explores topics like ethics, consent, and having a healthy relationship with technology.

In today’s episode, No Film School’s GG Hawkins, speaks with Director Jazmin Jones and Associate Producer Olivia McKayla Ross, to discuss:

  • How Jazmin and Olivia met and started working together
  • The benefit of not having a film career prior to making the project
  • Why the investigation itself was the priority over the film
  • How they built the digital world of the film
  • Consent and how it became part of the narrative
  • Community organizing versus filmmaking
  • How street photography taught Jazmin about the importance of consent
  • The power of using search engines
  • How they created a safe, beautiful space in their headquarters
  • Asking for what you need and what you want
  • Why you should follow your instincts
  • The magical experience seeing other people react to the film


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