SanDisk recently made quite a splash at CES 2020, unveiling a prototype for a pocket-sized SSD that can hold up to a whopping 8TB, making it the world's highest capacity device in its class.

And it's not just its size, both externally and internally, that is impressive. It also features an incredibly fast SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps interface capable of transferring large files.



Now, this thing is still a prototype, so specs are still entirely unknown (save for the couple of juicy nuggets Western Digital shared during their demo).

However, from the look of the images, this SSD will no doubt be built to be as rugged and portable as other similar SanDisk devices, complete with protective rubber or silicone bumpers and a cord with a double-barreled cord-lock for those who want to attach it to their gear bag with a carabiner. 

Western Digital hasn't offered any hints regarding pricing and availability, though, many expect this thing to reach four figures given its high capacity and portability.

Source: Western Digital