In this episode, we talk about...

  • What script coverage is, and why a writer might want to hire a coverage service.
  • Price points for different script coverage services and what those prices might include.
  • What script coverage can lead to (there are success stories) versus what your odds of success from the services are.
  • A script coverage experiment trying three different services.
  • How subjective Hollywood is and why you need to learn which notes to take and which to ignore.
  • How Canon, surprisingly, just dropped a brand-new, dual fish-eye VR lens.
  • How the new James Bond movie, No Time to Die, is out now and is proving to have a lot of filmmaking lessons for us all.
  • The interesting push and pull between making a James Bond movie stay true to the originals and still be appropriate for today’s modern world.
  • Amazon’s new involvement in the James Bond franchise.
  • Whether or not we’ll ever see a female or BIPOC Bond.

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