Is there anything more exciting than the scream of a TIE fighter as it barrels down on you? Or the pew-pew of a blaster when Han shot first? I also like the buzz of a lightsaber activating in someone's hands.

All of this and more comes from Skywalker Sound, the place where the behind-the-scenes magic happens. And it apparently happens on Mac computers. 

Today, Apple released a video called "Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound." This video spotlights the team of creators who collaborate to make the magic we hear onscreen. From field recording and foley to sound design and mixing, these artists reveal their process, showing us how they use Mac to bring to life sounds from the Star Wars universe and beyond.

Check out the video from Apple and let's talk after. 

I loved going inside Skywalker Ranch and seeing what they did daily. It was cool seeing them make the sounds we all know and love, but also understanding they had a bank of noises over the years that can be dropped in at a moment's notice to keep things consistent over the films.

Aside from Star Wars, I had no idea how many other movies and TV shows they worked on. It's interesting to see such a small team unite to help and tweak major projects together. There's a nuance and balance they really embody. The sound often makes or breaks the worldbuilding. They're so determined to get it right, it's inspirational. 

What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Apple