Ever since SmallRig made its transition from cages and camera accessories into lighting and wireless follow-focus units, we’ve been fascinated by the company’s continued transition into a wide array of different camera and video products.

As we covered when we broke down how SmallRig and Viltrox sought to disrupt the cinema camera battery market, we’ve been pleased with SmallRig’s line of V-mount batteries—most notably with the SmallRig VB99 and the VB99 Mini.

So, it’s again with curious intrigue that we look at SmallRig’s new update to their V-mount battery lineup with the addition of a new “Pro” version of their VB99 Mini. Let’s take a look at this new VB99 Pro Mini V-Mount Battery and see how it sets to improve on its predecessor.

Introducing the VB99 Pro Mini V-Mount Battery

As we’ve covered in the past, when it comes to V-mount batteries, there are a lot of options to choose from. However, what makes these SmallRig VB99 Pro Mini V-mount batteries unique is their LG battery cell and sturdy design.

Looking specifically at its battery cell, the LG battery for the VB99 Pro Mini should provide long life that can support repeated charging and discharging over hundreds (if not thousands) of cycles and over years of use.

The VB99 Pro Mini V-mount batteries are also designed to be quite durable from an aluminum alloy which is sturdy, fireproof and drop-proof. The Pro model should also be just as scratch-resistant thanks to its acrylic cover on the front, which can protect the TFT color screen that displays the battery status.

Charging specs from the VB99 Pro Mini on a blackground.

Some of the impressive charging specs from the VB99 Pro Mini.

Credit: SmallRig

How Does the Pro Compare to Regular VB99 Mini?

Designed for a wide range of uses, not just cameras of course, these VB99 Pro Mini batteries should be able to power any lights or other video gear accessories.

However, if you’re curious, there isn’t too much difference about this new Pro version over the previous Mini version.The biggest changes appear to all have to do with a new BMS intelligent chip which can support 100W fast charging.

This means that the VB99 Pro Mini will be able to fully charge in only 2 and a half hours now. The Pro model will also include more interfaces than the previous version, including D-tap, USB-C, USB-A, DC 8V and DC 12V.

Connections for the VB99 Pro Mini on a black background.

Built-in connections for the VB99 Pro Mini.

Credit: SmallRig

Price and Availability

Perhaps most interesting and noteworthy though is simply the fact that this new VB99 Pro Mini is set to retail at the same price of the previous version. So you could think of this new model as less of an upgrade and more of an update.

The VB99 Pro Mini is online and available for pre-order right now, which you can check out under the key features below.

  • 99Wh Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery
  • Supports up to 14A Draw
  • 14.8V D-Tap Output
  • USB-A Output, 2 DC Barrel Outputs
  • USB-C Charge Input/Output
  • D-Tap & USB-C Fast PD Charging
  • Ultracompact, Travel-Friendly Size

SmallRig VB99 Pro Mini V-Mount Battery

The VB99 Pro Mini V-Mount Battery from SmallRig is an ultracompact, lightweight 99Wh professional battery that can support up to a 14A draw at a nominal 14.8V. This durable, travel-friendly battery is suitable for powering handheld cameras, drones, and gimbals.

Jourdan Aldredge