Last week, we covered Sam Elliott's weirdly aggressive take on The Power of the Dogwhere he bemoaned the story's gay undertones and what Jane Campion had to say about the American West. Yesterday, we covered the star of the film, Benedict Cumberbatch, speaking out.

Now co-star Kodi Smit-McPhee is firing from the hip. But he's not eviscerating the old cowboy. He's not even thinking about him. 

Smit-McPhee, who is nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, told Variety that he has “nothing” to say to Elliott. 

"'Cause I’m a mature being and I’m passionate about what I do, and I don’t really give energy to anything outside of that," he said. "Good luck to him."

The conversation around The Power of the Dog has been heated and it seems like it can only go up from here. Many people have it as the favorite to win Best Picture and Best Director, and these statements might only add fuel to the fire. We can't wait to see if Jane Campion has anything to say. 

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