Taking a page from Apple apparently, reports have indicated that Sony’s upcoming release of their anticipated Sony a6700 camera (which packs flagship features into a compact body) will be sent out without any way to charge the camera.

Sony Alpha Rumors reports (and PetaPixel confirms) that this is indeed going to be the case for this new Sony camera, leaving any interested purchasers (or pre-orders) to contemplate the costs of purchasing charging equipment on their own — or if they might want to reconsider their investment altogether.

But why is Sony doing this? Let’s take a look at some relevant info and recent history to see what’s up, as well as explore if this changes any purchase decisions for you.

A Look at the Sony a6700

Announced earlier this month, Sony’s long anticipated update the APS-C series a6000 line promises to be an impressive hybrid video and photo camera with improved specs, elevated autofocus and new subject tracking tech powered by a dedicated AI processor.

For an audience of amateur and professional videographers, it’s pretty much everything a creator would want these days with a 26.0MP1 APS-C Exmor R back-illuminated CMOS sensor capable of video in 4K/60p oversampled from 6K in 4:2:2 10-bit and additional high frame rate recording up to 4K/120p.

Add in S-Log3 and 14+ stops of latitude plus five-axis in-body optical image stabilization (with up to five steps of compensation) and the a6700 should be a solid hit for Sony with its sub $1,500 price point. That is, until this charger news potential changes your mind.

Sony’s Road to Zero Initiative

Sony a6700 on a light gray background.

The Sony a6700 is all of its nonchargeable glory

Credit: Sony

According to PetaPixel and others online, Sony’s decision to not include charging tools for their new a6700 camera is most likely connected to Sony’s eco-friendly initiatives and their “Road to Zero” program which has a goal of reaching a zero environmental footprint by 2030 (a goal which was recently reduced from a 2050 original target date).

We can also look to Apple who also similarly made the decision—all the way back with the iPhone 12—to no longer include wall adapters in every box as a way to reduce package waste. Plus, you know, a way to make more money from accessory purchases.

While you could note that there have been a few other cameras that didn’t ship with cables due to semiconductor issues in the past (like the Nikon Z7 for example), this might be one of the first—if not biggest brands—to adopt this new no-charger approach.

Should You Still Purchase a Sony a6700?

So, what does this mean for you and your purchase options and decisions? Let’s look at some of the basic numbers to help you out.

Out of the box, the new Sony a6700 is set to include one Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2280mAh) but no external charger or USB-c cable. According to Sony, with this battery, you should get around 95 minutes of video recording time per charge.

So, if you do want to charge your battery, the only way will be in-camera unless you happen to have a charger from a previous camera or device.

If you want to purchase a charger for your Sony battery, here will be your best options:

And if you want a USB-C cable (and don’t already have one), here are some good picks:

  • Anker PowerLine II USB-C 3.1 Gen2: $19.99
  • Anker USB-A to USB-C Cable: $17.99

This means you’re looking at around $50 to $400 of additional accessories which you should calculate for any potential purchase of the Sony a6700, a camera which is set to retail at a $1,398.00 price point.

While not a complete game-changer perhaps for most, if you were looking to keep your budget sub $1,500 you might want to see if you have any old cables or Sony battery charging options at your disposal before making a purchase.