In what seemed like the inevitable following the release of the FX6 and FX3, Sony has updated the firmware of the a7S III to to include the S-Cinetone picture profile made popular by the VENICE cinema camera. 

Sony says S-Cinetone delivers "natural mid-tones, plus soft colors and gorgeous highlights that are essential to create a cinematic look," and from our own personal experience, they're spot on. S-Cinetone has been one of our favorite color profiles from Sony giving shooters a great looking image directly from camera. Now with it available on the a7s III it will be easier to color match the video-centric hybrid with its cinema line. 

The firmware also includes Steady Shot on the Active Mode with 5-axis optical in-body stabilization. It's worth noting Active setting cannot be selected if the S&Q frame rate is 120/100fps or higher. This is the same functionality as the FX3

You can download the software for Mac or Window here

Source: Sony