Back in 2018, when SonyAlphaRumors reported on a patent that showed Sony could be getting into the drone game, it didn't come as much of a shock.

Now, two years later, Sony has officially teased Airpeak, a drone project that is said to combine Sony's "imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics." 

According to the press release, Airpeak "will support the creativity of video creators to the fullest extent possible, aiming to contribute to the further development of the entertainment industry as well as to improved efficiency and savings in various industries."

In other words, it looks like Sony could be developing drones that are focused more on video creation under the Airpeak brand. 

The company already has Aerosense, a business-focused drone collaboration with ZMP, which is geared towards data services and surveying. With Airpeak, Sony seems to be focusing on consumer- and commercial-based video. The move makes sense, as Sony makes some of the best image sensors available in cameras. Why not give it wings? 

That said, the consumer market has been a tough nut to crack. DJI has been around for well over a decade and has managed to fend off its competitors. There's not much known about the Airpeak project, but Sony said it will continue to post project-related information leading up to the launch of the project which is expected in the spring of 2021. 

Source: Sony