Sony VENICE is about to release Firmware 4.0, offering 4K recording up to 90 frames per second, but Sony isn't waiting. Today at CineGear, Sony has announced that with Firmware 5.0, coming this January, the camera will support 2.39x1 6K recording all the way up to 90fps.  

This is great news for users of Sony's popular full frame cinema camera, since many camera platforms require windowing down in order to get up to those high frame rates. By offering the full 6K resolution all the way up to 90fps, which covers the range of slow motion many filmmakers frequently employ, slow motion and normal motion shots will intercut more seamlessly with no changes in resolution or noise.  


In addition, VENICE will now be able to recorder internally directly to ProRes4444 on SxS Pro+ cards without requiring the external AXZ-R7 recorder, which will be an appreciated workflow for many productions, especially those with tighter post turnaround schedules who want to get editing more quickly in the popular 4444 format. 

The firmware upgrade also includes ACES Partner Product certification, meaning that the ACES logo can now be used on VENICE projects and that the workflow and color spaces requirements for ACES are now fully supported by the camera platform.

Sony VENICESony VENICE with the AXS-R7 recorder

This is on top of the news that broke a few short weeks ago that Teradek has created a specific Bolt unit just for the VENICE. The Bolt line is by far the most popular zero-delay wireless video platform, and all three strengths (500, 1000, and 3000) are available in Bolt for Sony VENICE. By integrating directly into the back of the camera body, the Bolt for Venice offers a more seamless build that echoes the Bolt for DSMC2 that came out earlier this year.

  • Bolt 500 for Sony VENICE : $1,890
  • Bolt 1000 for Sony VENICE  : $3,090
  • Bolt 3000 for Sony VENICE : $5,890

These new high frame rates and popular accessories getting customized for VENICE are a good sign for the camera's popularity in the marketplace.

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