One of the cool stories that came out of the production Solo: A Star Wars Story was the fact the crew used 4K laser projectors instead of green screens to thrust the Millennium Falcon into hyperspace. The screens wrapped around the Falcon, allowing them to project digital media onto them. The interactive environment not only gave the actors something to react to in real-time but also created realistic lighting with the various reflections coming from the screens.

SumoskyCredit: Sumolight

SUMOSKY, from Sumolight, may not be as sophisticated as the setup ILM created, but it's similar in concept. SUMOSKY is a full-color RGBWW LED-Wall for VFX and reactive backdrops. The wall is capable of expanding 40' H x 300' W but is compact enough to fit in a hard case to save rigging time on set. 

According to Sumolight, the multi-colored SUMOSKY can be neutral grey, or instantly create a green or blue screen, or switch to any other color thanks to its RGBWW color spectrum. SUMOSKY allows you to recreate skylights, night lights, sunsets, or sky domes on stage or on location. Additionally, when combined with harder sources, lighting effects are possible for process work in vehicles or VFX work. 

Sumosky2Credit: Sumolight

In terms of resolution, it offers up to 10 cm pitch [20x38 pixel per fixture]. The full spectrum is 16-bit per channel and 80-bit per pixel. The LEDs provide a CRI 95 white light for accurate color reproduction and are also flicker-free. The entire setup is easily stackable and provides up to 2290 lux evenly across a 30m2 surface. The distance between LED-bars to the screen is 15.7" (40cm).

In action, the wall is said to provide a homogeneous lit surface without any banding. The smooth background should make it ideal for keying. Sumolight suggests it's a cheaper, simpler alternative to the full-immersion video wall. It also works with translight backdrops to enhance light or color changes, as well as Rosco Projection Screens and SoftDrops. 

See it in action on Sumolight's Instagram page

Source: Sumolight