When it comes to full-frame zoom lenses, you're not going to see focal length coverage quite like this Takumi 40.6-332mm T4.8 lens designed by Musashi-Opt.

The company is known for its expanders, extenders, and optical adapters, and you might even remember the Takumi Super 35 23.9-195mm lens they designed over a year go. Musashi's first full-frame cine zoom packs a punch and probably draws its inspiration from Angeniuex

The lens made its rounds at BSC Expo earlier this year, and it covers an image diagonal of 46.3mm, allowing it to be paired with RED Monstro/Helium, ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice, and VariCam. 

Optically, there are three independent groups that control the zoom. You can think of it similar to Sony's zoom lenses that have two extreme dynamic (XD) linear motors, but since this lens is so big, it needs three to cover the entire focal range. The lens features a 52mm flange focal distance which can be adjusted, and best of all, you won't see any aperture ramping. Meaning, it will stay a constant T4.8 across the zoom range. 

The lens can resolve 4K images and has a nice focus throw of 280°, while its zoom throw is 160°, making it faster to go from 40mm to 332mm. As you might expect, the lens is heavy, weighing 20.3 lbs (9.5 kg). If you plan on using it, don't forget the rail support. The front diameter sits at 136mm. 

While it doesn't cover as much as Canon's 50-1000mm zoom, you are getting full-frame coverage, while the Canon only covers Super 35. The price tag isn't confirmed, but you can expect it to be around $40,000, making it fall into the rental category for most of us.