It's fun to think about movie directors traveling the world for inspiration, but generally, they do so to promote their latest work. For Tarantino, that meant heading to Moscow for some press for the first time since 2004. He was met by legions of fans and critics excited for his latest film. 

But even cooler than that, he gave some hints about what he plans to do next. 


Aside from the movie premiere, Tarantino got a tour of some of the most ambitious art and jewels of the Kremlin. Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky took the director on a guided tour of the Kremlin museums and Red Square. 

According to Medinsky, Tarantino seemed to enjoy being steeped in Russian culture.

"He was very emotional and interested in Russian history; he was completely shocked by Moscow, he was shown around all the old chambers. We went from halls from the 15th century to those of the 19th century, like in a time machine.”



This is all fun, but another weird layer is that Medinsky apparently has some anti-Hollywood sentiment. 

The THR article on his visit had this to say: 

"Tarantino's visit to Moscow featured, among other things, tasting cheese presented to him by a Moscow farmer and taking a tour of the Kremlin. On the tour, he was accompanied by Russia's culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, who is known for his anti-Hollywood attitude."

We are unaware if he enjoyed the movie. 

What we do know is what Tarantino told the Russian press about his tenth and final film: 

"If you think about the idea of all the movies telling one story and each film is like a train boxcar connected to each other, this one would sort of be the big show-stopping climax of it all," he said. "And I could imagine that the 10th one would be a little more epilogue-y." --- Quentin Tarantino 

This is an interesting take and makes me even more excited to see what Tarantino has in store for his caboose. 

We heard rumors that it would be the Star Trek movie, but that doesn't seem to fit the billing of being connected to his other films. Unless everyone smokes Red Apple cigarettes in space. It would be more interesting to see Tarantino come out with something original and exciting. 

He has not announced his work on a new script or his intention to write about a certain subject, so outside of Star Trek we don't have much to speculate on besides his hints. 

Maybe even based on Russian culture? The pictures make it look like his wheels are spinning inside his head. 

Whatever the case, expect the epilogue to encompass everything that came before it.


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