A few weeks ago, a new trailer caught my eye. It was for a spy comedy thriller called Argylle, and it looked like it was a ton of fun.

Apparently, that movie is based on a book with the same title, which is set to be released on January 4, 2024. The adaptation was picked up even before the novel's release. As for the author, Elly Conway is credited with writing the novel, although there is speculation among fans that Taylor Swift may be the actual writer behind the pseudonym.

Yes, people think that Taylor Swift is secretly behind this feature film.

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The movie is directed by Matthew Vaughn and written by Jason Fuchs. The cast includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L Jackson, Dua Lipa, and Henry Cavill.

So why do people think Swift is involved?

Let's take a peek.

Is Author Elly Conway actually Taylor Swift?


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The theory that Swift might be the true author behind Argylle, written under the pseudonym Elly Conway, stems from a confluence of Easter eggs, coincidences, and Swift's history of using pseudonyms.

"Conspiraswifties" have mounted this argument for why Taylor might be behind the movie. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • Elly Conway's Obscure Profile: Elly Conway is described as a New York resident and first-time author whose book was picked for a film adaptation. The scarce online presence of Conway and the rapid pick-up of the manuscript for a film adaptation adds to the mystery, prompting some to suggest that Conway might be a pseudonym for Taylor Swift.
  • Taylor Swift's Easter Eggs: Swift is known for planting Easter eggs and clues about her projects. The first trailer for the film adaptation featured potential Easter eggs connected to Swift, including a Scottish Fold cat resembling Swift's own pet and a character resembling one Swift played in a music video.
  • Significant Dates: The first Instagram post from Conway was on December 13, 2022, which is Swift's birthday. Moreover, Elly Conway shares her name with a character from the soap opera Neighbours who debuted on December 13, another nod to Swift's birthday.
  • Pseudonym Patterns: Swift has previously used pseudonyms, such as Nils Sjoberg for the song "This Is What You Came For" and William Bowery for credits on her album Folklore. This history of using aliases lends credibility to the theory that she might be behind the pseudonym Elly Conway.
  • The Plot of Argylle: The plot of Argylle is described as a spy thriller with a narrative that could align with Swift's known storytelling style, although this is speculative. The film adaptation is reportedly based on the fourth novel in Conway's unpublished book series and will feature the author as a character, which could suggest a meta-textual element reminiscent of Swift's artistic style.

Taylor Swift is Not Elly Conway

Taylor Swift in the midnights era of her Eras Tour concert

Taylor Swift

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It has been reported by sources, including Vanity Fair, that Taylor Swift is not Elly Conway, the author of Argylle. Despite the speculation and fan theories connecting Swift to the pseudonym due to various coincidences and Easter eggs, there is no confirmed evidence that Swift wrote the novel. The true identity of Elly Conway remains officially undisclosed.

What's more likely is that this whole conspiracy is being pushed by the studio to help their movie sell tickets, which we know Swift can do thanks to her massively successful, self-distributed concert film.

It might be the most genius marketing push or happy accident to ever happen to a movie.

Swifties show up in theaters for their hero, and even thinking she's behind this movie is helping the title become part of the cultural lexicon.

Look, I don't know 100% that it's not Swift's book, but I cannot imagine she would want to hide that fact ad that the secret could be kept this well. Every marketer in the world would want to use her name for the movie, the book series, to just move product.

If it winds up being Swift, it's undoubtedly one of the coolest things to ever happen. But I have my doubts.

While fans may continue to speculate and dream, connecting dots between Taylor Swift and the spy thriller's secretive origins, the rest of us can just sit around and wait.

As the anticipation for both the novel's release and the star-studded film adaptation grows, the true identity of Elly Conway—much like the best secrets of the spy world—remains cleverly concealed.

Whether a clever marketing ploy or just a series of coincidental clues, the tale of Argylle is shaping up to be as captivating as its plot promises to be.

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