We are mere days away from Zack Snyder’s DC FanDome panel, where the director will show off a full trailer for the version of Justice League, known affectionately as "the Snyder Cut," that will be coming to HBO Max is 2021. But he has offered fans a sneak peek at the film, and that's too good to pass up. 

Obviously this is just great marketing, but it makes us wonder how much footage was lost in the original release and how many stories and arcs would be changed. One of the key things we can note is that the original hue that Snyder always maintained for that fight sequence, as opposed to the saturation that director Joss Whedon brought, is the primary color here. 

But I doubt the Snyder cut is cosmetic. Just the addition of that tank means they are going to use an extended version of the scene where the battle is longer. 

Again, this is pure speculation, we will have answers soon enough. 

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