While most slasher films make you paranoid and get you to check behind the shower curtain before you go to the restroom, this slasher film will turn your stomach upside down.  

The indie slasher flick Terrifier 2 is only being shown in 850 theaters across the U.S., but it didn’t stop fans of the first film from going to see the movie. Unfortunately, many of those audience members started vomiting and passing out in their seats from the graphic scenes from the film. 

The crowd-funded indie horror flick is the “uncut and uncompromised” sequel to Terrifier, a film about a psychotic killer named Art the Clown. Terrified 2 is described as a character-driven screenplay that follows Art’s resurrection and brutal torture of two unsuspecting siblings. Think of Pennywise from IT, but for adult horror fanatics. 

While the plot sounds very bare-bones, Terrifier 2 is being celebrated for its extreme violence that is reminiscent of films like Cannibal Holocaust, I Drink Your BloodScanners, and other splatter films that are outrageously gory. As John Squires puts it for Bloody Disgusting, "It's the kind of horror movie that just doesn't really exist anymore." 

Writer and director Damen Leone's blood-soaked sequel might be his most effective and reactive film to date. Where Terrifier is scary and over the top with its gore, the narrative aspect of Terrifier 2 forces the audiences to watch each moment as it builds to the story's climactic moment. 

Unfortunately, many viewers couldn't stand the sight of gore. 

As one Twitter user puts it, audience members were either passing out in their seats, running to the lobby for safety, or finding refuge in the bathroom stalls. 

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While you have probably watched most of these films and didn't get sick by then, there is something inescapable about watching these movies in a theater. You can't look away from the screen because it swallows the entire room. My suggestion is to take some nausea medicine with a light meal before you go to watch Terrifier 2 in a theater near you. 

Is there any movie that made you sick in theaters? Let us know in the comments below! 

Source: Bloody Disgusting