The 6K iteration of Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema Camera made a huge splash when it was announced in early August, namely because filmmakers found themselves in a position to shoot 6K for less than $2500. That's insane.

And after we were able to cozy up with BMPCC6K to shoot some test footage, we found that, yeah, there was a lot to get excited about. However, while filmmakers can utilize it as a grab-and-go shooter, meaning it's pretty much ready to go right out of the box, BMPCC6K still has some of the same limitations as its predecessor, including short battery life, that make accessorizing something many users will be keen on doing.

The bummer about that is that all of the excitement of buying a crazy inexpensive 6K camera kind of dissipates quickly when you see the real cost of outfitting it to withstand the demands of a professional shoot

But Adorama has a couple of BMPCC6K kits available right now that puts a lot of the essential extras together, from monitors to cages, for a considerably affordable fact, if you use this special code, you'll pretty much get all of the extras for free.


Kit Includes:

This kit retails for $2800, but if you use the code FILMMAKERS, you can get it for $2496. Yeah, that means you're paying $1 for an Atomos Shinobi monitor, hot shoe foot to 1/4" -20 screw adapter, and HDMI cable. 


BMPCC6K Advanced Film-Makers Kit

Kit Includes:

This kit retails for $2900, but again, if you use the code FILMMAKERS, you can get it for $2596. And once again, yeah, that means you're paying $101 for all of those accessories, including an Atomos Shinobi monitor, SmallRig camera cage, and a SmallRig SSD mount.


So, if you're looking to buy the BMPCC6K, you might as well jump at the chance to score some basically free accessories while you can.

Remember, use the special code FILMMAKERS at checkout to apply the discount.