Remember that enterprising Chinese engineer who built a DIY flip-up screen for his Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K? Well, Tilta must have been inspired because at IBC they showed off a new aftermarket modification kit that will do the same thing, not only for the BMPCC4K but also for the 6K model, as well, all while using the original screen. And according to Tilta, it's incredibly easy to do and just as easy to swap it back to its original fast that Tilta says they did it in their booth at IBC in about an hour.

The good folks at cinema5D were able to get an up-close and personal look at Tilta's mod while at IBC. Check out their video below to find out what makes it so tantalizing for BMPCC4K and 6K shooters.

Tilta's BMPCC Mod Kit

I really like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and the 6K model turns that up to eleven. But if there was one chief beef that I have had with the overall design of the BMPCC from the very beginning, it's that Blackmagic has never included an articulating screen. The 5" LCD touchscreen is hard-mounted to the back of the camera, and that means you are unable to adjust it in bright light or to use it at various angles. 

But Tilta's modification kit fixes that issue by mounting the BMPCC's LCD touchscreen to a fully articulating frame. The screen not only pulls out and tilts, much like the Sony A7S, but it will also flip up into a "selfie" configuration. But the thing is, that Blackmagic's Camera OS doesn't support a flip-up screen, for obvious reasons, so you end up with the image upside down. But if you don't mind that, and you're a vlogger, then it gives you a great framing option.  

The modified touchscreen is also designed to avoid any conflicts with using Tilta's Armor camera cages but may have an issue with a sun hood, which is designed to attach to the hardwired configuration. But according to Tilta, the new LCD mod will have screw holes that are designed in the flip-up frame to accept the sun hood, making it fully compatible.

Tilta not only provides all the parts needed to modify the camera but they're also planning to create a series of tutorials with step-by-step instructions for anyone to do it at home.

53e47b35e7e9df59d87853ff32995391-640x360Credit: cinema5D

M.2 SSD Expansion and Port Plugs

Even though the kit is designed to be able to revert the camera's touchscreen back to its original hard-mounted configuration, Tilta warns that this mod could void your warranty. It may be a risk worth taking, though, not only because of the obvious benefit of tilting your screen but also for the other benefits that come with the mod kit.

Tilta also flipped the camera's USB-C port inward on the camera, so it's facing the cavity left behind by the LCD screen. Why do that? Because they've also included an M.2 SSD expansion option. Similar in concept to the Atomos SSD housings, that enable shooters to insert their own SSD flush to the cavity. It's a great addition, to be sure, and from what Kaufman says in his interview with Cinema 5D, Tilta is working on a pass-through connector that will maintain the standard USB-C connector on the outside, and still offer the expansion slot on the inside. That would certainly be the next level, as it will maintain the original functions of that port, as well. Users, however, will have to provide their own M.2 SSDs.

Lastly, Tilta has replaced the rubber doors that I complained about in our BMPCC6K review with carbon fiber style plugs that look a lot more professional, and stay out of the way while plugging something in. The plugs are also string secured, so you can't lose them. It's a clever replacement that Blackmagic should take notice of.

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The price of the LCD modification kit is $329, and that includes all the hardware for modding your LCD screen, the M2 SSD expansion, and the Carbon fiber port plugs. The Kit will ship in November, but if I were you, I'd pre-order it as soon as Tilta lets you.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more from Tilta.

Source: Cinema 5D