TLS has officially dropped the full details for its upcoming line of Vega full-frame prime lenses, which are set to hit the market here soon. And trust us, for anyone looking for some of the sharpest, sleekest, fastest—and surprisingly lightweight—lenses out there, these might be your guys.

Designed for covering all your large sensor size needs, the TLS Vega Cine Prime Lenses will be quite popular for all you filmmakers, videographers, music video aficionados, or corporate warriors who might need some extra help covering your large sensor full-frame digital camera builds.

Let’s take a peek into everything we know about these Vega Cines so far…

TLS Vega Prime 85mmNAB 2019 PrototypeCredit: News Shooter

New TLS Vega Cine Full Frame Prime Lenses

Known more for its rehousing game, TLS has released a few quite respectable zoom lenses in their day, however, these new cine primes have been teased now for almost two years… so it will be nice to see them finally hit the market.

This Vega series is currently offered in 8 different focal lengths ranging from T1.5 to T2., including:

  • 20mm
  • 24mm
  • 35mm
  • 50mm
  • 58mm
  • 85mm
  • 105mm
  • 135mm

There are also a couple more focal lengths set to be made available eventually as well, including:

  • 28mm
  • 200mm

Sleek, Sharp, and Fast Capabilities

According to TLS' website, these lenses are “designed with floating elements so TLS have used their dual cam system to allow the optimum optical performance while still allowing some character.” The lenses are also using the same housing process which should allow for 300-degree focus rotation for accurate and repeatable dual focus scales—both in imperial and metric.

You can see these lenses in action in the demonstration test video below.

TLS Vega Lenses Specs

As covered above, the lenses will eventually range from 20mm to 200mm with a T1.5 to T2 range as well. They’re also set to be impressively lightweight, and easy to use with any setup, as the PL mount is shimmable, and the focus and iris gears are in the same position in relation to the PL mount throughout the range. This should make changing focal lengths on set that much easier.

TLS Vega Cine Prime Spec SheetSpec SheetCredit: TLS

Prices for the lenses are set to range from around $7,500 to $9,000, so you definitely may want to consider renting first before you invest in a full set.

But, hey, it's up to you!

Where do you think these new lenses might fit in your workflow? Let us know in the comments!

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