Wireless video is traditionally an accessory that you mount "wherever you can," especially on independent productions. Higher-end cameras, like the Alexa LF have started integrating wireless video internally while mid-range cameras have started to see third-party systems designed specifically for their bodies. With the arrival of RED Komodo, Vaxis has done just that and has made its previously announced ATOM 600 KV wireless transmitter for the 6K camera official. 

The ATOM 600 KV transmitter is designed to mount directly to the back of the Komodo body. The unit is a stand-alone transmitter that doesn't come with a receiver, however, it can work with any of the ATOM RX receivers available, like the ATOM 500 SDI RX

One of the perks of the Komodo design is the short body type, perfect for mounting in gimbals, and the ATOM 600 KV maintains that with its slim profile. On top of that, it has a removable V-mount plate, meaning if you are powering the body another way, you can save even more on length and weight. That V-mount plate can also be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on your desired camera setup. Since the Komodo can be mounted on its side for vertical video, it's nice that you can rotate your battery mount to keep your battery oriented how you want it. 


It features a side OLED panel so you can change menu and pairing settings. More amazingly, it continues the trend this year of integrating both app monitoring and receiver monitoring. This means you can transmit the signal to a receiver and up to three additional devices over Wi-Fi from the single transmitter.

This allows you to send the main signal to video village and to three mobile devices like a director's iPad or to a smartphone for a script supervisor through the Vaxis Vision app. Its app is only available for iOS devices, but an Android version is coming soon. 


The wireless signal is limited to a 600-foot range (hence the 600 KV), which means this unit is more focused on set work than aerial drone work, where you will want something in the 2000 or even 3000-foot range.

As always with wireless video, an investment is a commitment to a system. Vaxis will only work with Vaxis and not with another brand. However, if you are a Komodo owner looking to keep your camera package as small and clean as possible, this is an appealing combination at an appealing price point. Adding in app-based monitoring, and very affordable receivers, and you might have the right combination for your hot new camera.

The ATOM 600 KV is available now with the transmitter coming in under $750, with the ATOM 500 SDI RX combo coming in at just under $1,000.