In these days of AI-automated text bots and non-personalized explainer videos, it can be quite rare to get the opportunity to actually speak with an expert when you have a question.

And this is especially true in the film and video industry as there can be stigmas around asking for help or explanations from professionals when you’re just starting yourself.

Luckily there are resources available to help you learn more about the craft of filmmaking, as well as answer any questions you might have about cameras and gear. And one of the best places to go is B&H’s live video chat.

Let’s check it out.

Film and Video Questions

If you have questions about a particular camera that you’re interested in or are simply looking for advice as to what piece of gear might be necessary for a particular shot or scene that you’re planning, you might want to consider using B&H’s live video chat.

You’ll actually get to chat with an expert at B&H’s NYC SuperStore. And, as a bonus for the shy, you don’t need to be on camera yourself, you’ll just get to chat with an expert who can guide you through your film and video questions.

How it Works

Founded back in 1973, B&H Photo Video has built a reputation for its expertise and authenticity in the industry. And if you’ve been to their SuperStore in NYC, you’ll instantly feel at home with a real group of photo and video pros.

It’d be great if we all had a mom-and-pop gear store down the street from us. (And if you do, don’t hesitate to go there first.) However, if you’re looking for authentic insights and advice into gear, this live video chat with B&H brings that to you.

You can get product demos, camera recommendations and guides, and plenty of specialist advice and considerations by checking out the live video chat feature on the B&H site here.