Every film professional's favorite video hosting and film curating platform, Vimeo, is the latest to get in on the AI game, but certainly not the last to find ways to put AI-powered tools into the hands of creators early in their production processes.

With news of new AI tools and features being released by the likes of mainstay brands like Adobe and new up-and-coming start-ups like RunwayML, it’s no surprise to see brands with rich video legacies (like Vimeo) bring their own tools to the table.

So let’s take a look at Vimeo’s new AI-powered tools and features to see which ones might be useful for your everyday video production needs and workflows.

AI-Powered Script Generator

Introduced by Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud in the video above, Vimeo promises true one-take video creation with its new video tools which are the first of its kind for an AI-powered video creation suite—quite a feat for a company that has launched several new products and tools over the past few years to piggyback off their base video hosting and sharing platform.

The first, and most promising, AI feature rolled out by Vimeo is their AI-powered script generator which promises to be able to create a video script in seconds using generative AI. All a user will need to do is type in a brief text description along with specifying a preferred tone and video length and this new AI-script generator tool will do the rest.


Built-in Teleprompter

The second feature debuted by Vimeo is a new teleprompter tool, which should be quite helpful for solo content creators or videographers looking to utilize AI for their talking-head-style videos.

Designed to help users maintain natural eye contact with its built-in display, Vimeo’s teleprompter tool will also be able to personalize different elements including font size and pacing all while recording a self-recording take that you can, of course, start over as many times as you’d like.


Text-Based Video Editor

Finally, like other text-based video editing tools like Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 18.5 feature, Vimeo recognizes the coming importance of text-based editing (which we think will actually be quite useful).


This AI-powered tool should be helpful for anyone looking to self-edit or automatically delete filler words like “ums,” “uhs,” or other awkward pauses in a single click. You can actually try this new feature out yourself in a demo on Vimeo’s site here.

All promising tools for further integrating AI into your daily production (and content editing and uploading) workflow.

How do you feel about Vimeo’s new AI-powered tools or the future of AI in general?

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