Last year, we covered the viral short film taking the world by storm (currently sitting at 44 million views on YouTube). It was called The Backrooms and featured creepy liminal spaces and a terrifying monster.

Now, Kane Parsons, the director and creator of the series, is teaming up with A24, Chernin Entertainment, 21 Laps Entertainment, and Atomic Monster to create his first feature film. 

They're bringing a feature-length version of the project to the big screen, with Parsons returning to direct and DMZ creator Roberto Patino to write. 

After that initial video went viral, the 17-year-old Parsons, who goes by Kane Pixels online, uploaded over a dozen more videos to his channel, expanding the universe of the shorts, and gathered over 100 million views online. 

With Parsons still in school, the joke has been made that he will have to shoot this movie over summer break. 

We'll keep you updated as this project progresses, and Parsons's journey into feature filmmaking.

Source: IndieWire