While a lot of what we cover, and what is talked about, in the world of film and video, these days has to do with AI and other complex tech innovations rapidly changing the landscape, it’s easy to forget that filmmaking can—you know—be fun.

Not just fun to shoot movies with your friends, but to find creative solutions to industry problems and uncover ways to work more quickly and efficiently. This is why it’s cool to discover new innovations that aren’t just AI, like this new VoxBox Air from PrimeLight Design.

A small, foldable two-way mirror box that makes it easier than ever to conduct interviews with your on-camera subjects while maintaining eye contact with them throughout. Let’s take a look at this light, easy, and affordable interview box and how you could use it for your projects.

The VoxBox Air

Developed by the UK-based design company PrimeLight Design, the VoxBox Air is a smaller and more accessible version of their VoxBox Pro, a more rugged and sophisticated version of the same thing—a two-way mirror box useful for videographers looking to shoot down-lens at their subjects and still maintain eye contact with them.

The VoxBox Air is easy to set up (the company reports that it takes less than two minutes) and requires no tools or cumbersome adapters. Its two-way mirror system enables the filmmaker, or producer perhaps, to maintain natural, confident eye contact with both the interviewer and the audience.

With its foldable, ultra-lightweight design the VoxBox Air is able to easily make it into tight spaces with small crews and minimal equipment, as well as easily transport from one shoot to the next.

The Importance of Eye Contact for Interviews

What’s cool about this innovation is, well, the eye contact. Suppose you’ve ever shot interviews you know you have some options for how you want to position your subject and camera. A lot of times it’s fine, or more natural, to have your subject looking directly at an interviewer around 45 degrees off of the camera’s line.

However, there are times when you want your subject to talk directly into the camera and to your audience. And this has always been tricky, particularly when working with real-world subjects and not talent as it can be quite intimidating, and an odd feeling, to talk directly at a camera.

Devices like this VoxBox Air solve a lot of problems by allowing subjects to feel safer and more at ease as they can make contact with an interviewer directly for an interview, while still looking down-lens and directly at the audience.

\u200bVoxBox Air size

VoxBox Air size


Price and Availability

This is a new product from PrimeLight Design which is expected to be available here later in the summer. It’s also set to retail at $1,679 with more availability info to come soon. Here are the full specs:

  • New folding design for easy transportation
  • Tool-free assembly in seconds
  • Fits in seconds to existing 15mm rails, or to a light stand
  • Built-in 4X4 filter tray
  • Converts to a Teleprompter using the included tablet holder
  • Complete with superior-quality bag and foam
  • Designed and built in Britain