Finding a good deal on equipment to get your project up and running can be a slog. Sure, there's always the used market, but that's a completely different minefield. So when we saw the Panasonic Lumix BS1H and the Z CAM E2 on sale, we just had to track down some affordable, yet capable, lenses to match. With our selection, we cover both full-frame and Micro Four Thirds. 

Panasonic Lumix BS1H

Panasonic DC-BS1H Cinema Camera

Save $500!
  • 24.2MP Full-Frame MOS Sensor
  • Up to 5.9K H.264/H.265/HEVC Recording
  • 14+ Stops of Dynamic Range, HLG Imaging
  • Dual-Native ISO, VariCam Look & V-Log L
  • VFR up to 60 in 4K, up to 180 fps in FHD
  • Anamorphic Video & 3D LUT Support
Body Only

Compact and suitable for cine drones, remote setups, and expandable for cine work as well as multi-camera broadcast work, the Panasonic Lumix BS1H Box Cinema Camera is a modular digital cinema camera with a small form-factor that bellies its full-frame sensor. It features a 24.2MP sensor, a Leica L lens mount, and a wide 14+-stop dynamic range to accommodate extreme lighting changes when recording in V-Log. 

The kit includes the Panasonic Lumix BS1H Full-Frame Box Cinema Camera, a Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 DG DN lens with 67mm UV protection filter, an Atomos Ninja V 4K over HDMI recording monitor, an Angelbird 1TB AtomX SSDmini that the Ninja V can use to record to, a mount for the Ninja V, power for the Ninja, an HDMI cable, a USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA adapter, and a carry case for your complete package.


DZOFilm VESPID 7-Lens Kit B

Save $800!
  • 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 90mm Macro
  • EF Mount
  • 46.5mm image circle
  • T2.1 Aperture
  • Focus Scales Marked in Feet and Meters
  • Hard Case Included
EF Mount

A solid set of lenses and a great companion to the Panasonic Lumix BS1H, this B-Kit features a seven-lens set of DZOFilm VESPID Primes. It's suitable for use on productions ranging from independent to studio films—just keep in mind you'll need an EF to L-mount adapter.

The included 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 90mm macro EF mount lenses cover full-frame sensors and project a 46.5mm image circle yet are small and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for handheld, gimbal, and drone work. The lenses feature an internal focus design that minimizes focus breathing while keeping the front of the lens from rotating and the lens from changing size while you change focus.

Z CAM E2 Cinema Camera

Z CAM E2 Cinema Camera

Save $300!
  • Z CAM E2 4K Cinematic Camera, MFT Mount
  • DCI/UHD up to 120 fps, HD up to 240 fps
  • SmallRig Cage
  • Atomos Ninja V 4K with 1TB SSDmini
  • Rode Mic
  • Power Accessories
Advanced Kit

The Z CAM E2 Cinema Camera Advanced Kit features the MFT-mount Z CAM E2 Professional 4K Cinematic Camera, which has a 4/3" sensor and records up to DCI/UHD 4K at 120 fps in 10-bit color. The camera has 13 stops of dynamic range nominal and 16 stops with WDR enabled.

The kit also includes the Atomos Ninja V recorder/monitor and an Angelbird 1TB SSDmini for the Ninja V. Also included are a SmallRig cage, a tilt-adjustable monitor mount, a Rode mic, and power accessories consisting of batteries, a charger, and a coiled HDMI cable.

DZOFilm MFT Parfocal Cine Zooms

DZOFilm 10-24mm & 20-70mm T2.9 MFT Cine Zooms

Save $100!
  • Maintain Focus Throughout Zoom Range
  • Near-Zero Breathing
  • 12-Blade Iris
  • 19.7 & 31" Minimum Focus Distances
  • 270° Focus Rotation with 26 Focus Marks
  • Two-Sided Focus Scale (Imperial/Metric)
  • Back Focus Adjustment
  • 80mm Front Diameter / 77mm Filter Thread
Two Lens Set

To find our lens pairing, we go back to DZOFilm to check out some zooms. Featuring two parfocal lenses of almost identical size, this MFT Parfocal Cine Lens Bundle from DZOFilm offers a flexible and consistent workflow with focal lengths from a wide-angle 10mm to 70mm. Included are a 10-24mm lens and a 20-70mm cine lens for MFT-mount cameras. Both are parfocal lenses, designed to maintain focus throughout the zoom range. Both feature a T2.9 aperture, a 12-blade iris, and minimal breathing. They have 270° focus rotation and a two-sided focus scale with imperial and metric measurements.