Celebrating the best in all things world-wide-web, the 2018 Webby Award winners have been announced, culminating in an upcoming ceremony to be held at Cipriani Wall Street on Saturday, May 12th. Pulling from over 13,000 entries from 70 countries worldwide, the Webbys are the most extensive citation of excellence in online content, with competitive categories ranging from episodic series to gaming, apps, podcasts, website design, and more. 

For No Film School readers, some of the selections are inspiring and, given the constant discussion of "which appropriate platform should I use to tell my specific story?," extremely relevant, i.e. a nomination for MasterClass in the Best Education Website category, a resource we've covered several times on our site. Read on for more below, and check out samples of the winning (and nominated) work here.

For his multi-genre, platform-hopping HBO series Mosaic, Steven Soderbergh was honored with the Webby Film & Video Person of the Year Award for "using his creative drive and vision paired with the power and availability of the Internet to challenge our expectations around films and filmmaking and for surprising and delighting viewers everywhere." The filmmaker was also cited for his feature, Unsane, which was entirely shot on an iPhone and released in theaters earlier this year. 

The Webby for Best Editing in Film & Video went to How a $300,000 Speak Gets Made, chronicling the intense (extremely hot!)  production process involved in making speakers from Oswalds Mill Audio. 

Deadpool: The Musical? Sort of. A fan-edited mashup incorporating Deadpool and Beauty and the Beast (without the official participation of those properties' parties), this short was voted on by fans as the People's Choice for Best Writing. If you wish to check it out above, be our guest.

Jay-Z was awarded Best Individual Performance for his work in the music video Smile, directed by Miles Jay, off of his 4:44 album. To say the competition was tough would be an understatement. As described on the official Webby Award site, Best Individual performance can go to a "person or thing (puppet, animal, flying lawnmower, etc.) in a video series or episode. Can consist of a particularly poignant dramatic performance, a breathtaking stunt, a painstakingly executed dance routine, or any performance that captures viewers attention and cannot be easily replicated."

Which other 2018 nominees and award winners stand out to you? You will have a lot of fun scrolling through the list, with each category offering an inarguable case for the strengthening of an internet of things.

For a complete list of this year's Webby Award winners, click here