Werner Herzog Has No F**ks to Give In This Great 'Mandalorian' Interview

Werner Herzog is one of our greatest living directors. Now, he's taking another turn in front of the camera for The Mandalorian. And he has some opinions.

Werner Herzog is a filmmaking treasure. He has a distinct voice and filmmaking style, and sometimes he even goes in front of the camera -- see his underrated and love-to-hate turn as the villain in Jack Reacher.

Now, Herzog co-stars in the new Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, from writer and executive producer Jon Favreau (Iron Man, 2019's The Lion King). He recently sat down with Variety to discuss his experience working with Favreau -- and his total lack of awareness regarding Fav's CV. This is an interview for the ages. Herzog is legend.

Herzog doesn't strike us as a Star Wars fan, but hearing him talk about his experiences on The Mandalorian add extra insight into how he views filmmaking. 

Of course, the main thing people are abuzz about are the answers Herzog gave to the next set of questions:

It should not be surprising that Herzog has not seen a Star Wars movie -- or any of Favreau's other films. It honestly deepens my appreciation for Favreau's interpersonal skills. He was able to connect outside a nerd-level with this man -- one of his filmmaking idols -- and explain his story on elevated terms. Herzog not watching movies and choosing to read is very erudite and kind of expected. 

As for what he is working on next, the filmmaker is gearing up for an ambitious project:

Herzog sort of leans into his dry persona here, and it is great. He seems to be aware of his "brand" -- his shtick -- and is sticking with it. 

Also, his volcano movie is rad. Definitely check it out. And also watch him on Mandalorian, which is streaming now on Disney+.     

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That journalist should get better or find another line of work... Awful job here. Does he/she even knows who Herzog is?

November 13, 2019 at 2:16PM


“Also, his volcano movie is rad. Definitely check it out.”

Sweet Lord... That’s akin to the wrap-up line you would hear a seventh grader use to finish up an oral presentation of a book report. As a matter of fact, seventh grade may have been the last time I saw anyone write the word ‘rad’.

November 14, 2019 at 8:44AM


I started writing a response but then realised that most of the text was a screenshot from somewhere else on the internet which is ....Variety :


a foremost publication both paper and web for entertainment news whether you like it or not surpasses the age of a majority of anyone who comes here (1905)

So maybe, just maybe, as positive force in film resource, you could reference the screenshot pasted in rather than just screen grabbing something and writing a poxy article that seems to fill space.

Otherwise, this was a diabolically bad response to an artist and film maker of magnanimous repute.

Up your game please. This is poor, whether you call it news, a blog or opinion. This isn't a personal blog.

November 14, 2019 at 3:36PM

Justin Batchelor
Director, D.O.P.