As Hollywood continues to embrace shooting movies digitally, one camera maker seems to be coming out on top: ARRI. We often get questions on this site about which cameras the pros use, and today we're going to dive into one.

The thing is, it's not about the tool. It's about the person using it. You can use a great camera and still have a crappy film. But if you have the skills, you might want to pick up an ARRI. 

This is one particular brand of digital cinema camera that far and above is the most selected when it comes to high-end productions. Let's take a look at why cinematographers choose to shoot on the ARRI Alexa. Check out this video from In Depth Cine, and let's talk after. 

Why Are So Many Movies Shot on ARRI Cameras? 

Look, many people want to shoot on film, but the cost is so prohibitive. ARRI designed the Alexa to be compatible with film equipment, and created a menu with the same view settings as film cameras. This made the camera more compatible with the equipment many cinematographers and directors already owned. The image quality, including the resolution, adds a bit of texture. It can produce filmic color, and detail while balancing resolution and texture. The camera's sensor has a high dynamic range that's unrivaled by other cameras, with low noise that provides a pleasant almost grain-like quality., 

I thought the video did a great job teaching a camera novice, like myself, about why some professionals have flocked to the Alexa. It's a reliable piece of equipment. You know you're going to capture what you want. And it never feels like you're fighting with the tech.

There are also so many different forms of the Alexa tailored to your needs. For example, Greig Fraser shot Dune on the new LF series, the ARRI Alexa LF IMAX, and Alexa Mini LF IMAX because it was made specifically for that format and image quality. Chances are, you aren't shooting in IMAX, but there's still an ARRI for you.

Lastly, the ARRI Alexa is known as one of the most durable cameras, which makes rental houses happy to send them out. They don't have reputations for overheating or breaking down. They have known reliability which means people felt safer shooting huge movies on them, without the fear time would be wasted on set. 

What are your favorite cameras to use and why? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: In Depth Cine