Why Comic-Con Is for Filmmakers

San Diego Comic-Con covers everything from rising the ranks in production to getting your foot in the door of a writers' room.

Comic-Con is known as a place where major projects are advertised and teased and where fans and artists buy, sell, and trade goods. But it's much more. 

If you look in the right places, SDCC is an event where filmmakers and creators of all kinds gather to share and exchange knowledge. Where those who are far along the road reflect back on the journey, and those just starting to walk the path find inspiration and gain insight. 

There are as many panels as there are booths, and as many impressive resume listings and hard-learned stories as there are trinkets to buy. 

No Film School went to Comic-Con Special Edition this year in part because I was moderating panels, but what we quickly discovered was that it was an ideal place for so many of our readers and listeners. And for us. 

In today's episode, we touch on some of what Comic-Con has to offer those interested in being creative, as a career, a hobby, or just a point of interest. We hope to go back, so we can bring as much of the knowledge there to all of those who can't make the trip. 

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Thanks for this coverage, I shared it on Facebook because I know a lot of folks who were there with us, and the idea of independent film makers using Comic-Con as a networking tool and resource has been kicked around by a bunch of us old timers since the 70s, so hearing your perspective will be a source of joy.

December 2, 2021 at 12:43PM

Edward Anderson
Media Support

That is sad. Comic-Cons are for filmmakers, gamers and cosplayers. No longer for comics. We need new con for comics and graphic novels only!

December 3, 2021 at 3:32AM