In this episode, we talk about…

  • How Paramount is restructuring—the chair and CEO is being replaced. The new CEO has an interesting story, having ascended from being a child actor in the 90s to a director, to this current position.
  • How Paramount has joined “the Streaming Wars” and is trying to create more content for their digital platform to get more viewers subscribed.
  • Why we might see a lot of reboots of older Paramount movies.
  • Whether the Streaming Wars are the death of art or a great way to get more movies and shows produced.
  • Disney has announced they’re going back to theaters! This is following them releasing full-length movies on Disney+ for an upcharge during the pandemic.
  • How long you used to have to wait for a new movie to come out on VHS/DVD versus the new model, in which Disney can release a movie in the theater and then on its streaming service about 45 days later.
  • Canon has rolled out a new camera called the R3 which is mostly a stills camera and, while it may not be the highest-resolution camera on the market, it’s great for filmmakers.
  • This camera’s amazing technology of scanning your retina in the viewfinder to try to keep in focus whatever you’re looking at, and how this feature has upsides and downsides.

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