Whenever an awesome new camera hits the market for us to drool over, those who actually buy them and use them will need to build out rigs that support their workflows. Wooden Camera is one of the companies that offers exceptional third-party support and has now announced several new accessories for the Canon C70

Similar to the accessory kits Wooden Camera offers for the Sony FX9, the company pretty much has everything covered to build the C70 up for production. Shooters can choose from Base, Advanced, and Pro Kits (V-Mount or Gold Mount), where the Pro Kits offer the most bang for your buck. Let's break them down. 

Base - $993

Woodencamera_c70_basicCredit: Wooden Camera

  • Mini Top Handle (Canon C70)
  • Top Plate (Canon C70)
  • LW 15mm Baseplate (Canon C70)
  • 15mm Rod (12in)

Advanced - $1,173

Woodencamera_c70_advCredit: Wooden Camera

  • Mini Top Handle (Canon C70)
  • Top Plate (Canon C70)
  • LW 15mm Baseplate (Canon C70)
  • 15mm Rod (12in)
  • 8” Safety Dovetail

Pro (V-Mount or Gold Mount) - $1,672

Woodencamera_c70_proCredit: Wooden Camera

  • Mini Top Handle 
  • Top Plate
  • LW 15mm Baseplate 
  • 2x 15mm Rod (15in)
  • Safety Dovetail (12in)
  • Battery Slide Pro (Gold Mount, C70)

As you might imagine, each part of the kits is available to order individually.

The Top Plate has a contoured design, allowing it to easily fit on top of the C70 while offering several 1/3”-20, 3/8”-16 mounting points. The Mini Top Handle also provides a number of mounting points, including ARRI standard mounting points for third-party accessories. 

For lens support, the LW 15mm Baseplate has 15mm rod pass-through brackets as well as a ARCA Swiss standard dovetail system and safety lock. With the Pro Kit, the Battery Slide Pro allows you to easily attach Gold Mount and V-mount batteries. The plate can be adjusted so that you can access the original C70 battery without removing it completely. This allows operators to hotswap between both batteries. 

According to Wooden Camera, additional power features include 3x D-Tap ports with a digital fuse that cuts off accessory power when usage exceeds 3.8 amps, while camera power is maintained.

Everything is available to order now. Find out more over at Wooden Camera's website