'Back to the Future' Writer Bob Gale Shares Timeless Screenwriting Advice

The man who created the ultimate "Swiss watch" of screenplays...

Here to celebrate the 35th Anniversary 4K Blu-Ray release of the beloved Back to the Future trilogy is its writer and producer Bob Gale.

He gives us his own origin story, including his years of collaborating with Robert Zemeckis, which led up to their big hit. He highlights the integrity of executive producer Steven Spielberg, who made Back to the Future the first Amblin production.

Bob Gale has been a protective gatekeeper of the franchise and he explains why. Make sure to stay until the end, because he drops some of the purest and most valuable storytelling wisdom you're likely to find anywhere.

Learn more about Back to the Future here!

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This episode of The No Film School Podcast was produced by George Edelman and Jeffrey Reeser.

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