WriterDuet has been around for many years now, and has been the only go-to option for real-time, cloud-based screenwriting collaboration. Though known as the Google-Docs-for-screenwriting, I've heard screenwriters say that WriterDuet is, in many ways, the best screenwriting software they've ever used.

Well, as of July 1st, 2019, WriterDuet is introducing the offline version of their feature-rich software: WriterSolo. With the high cost of Final Draft ($250) and the annoyance of watermarked free options (Celtx, Fade In), WriterSolo offers a pay-what-you-can model from $0 and up.

Now there's really no more excuses to not be writing your next script.

Key Features

  • All the same features as WriterDuet Pro (minus real-time cloud component and account management)
  • Opens and saves all industry standard files (.fdx, Fountain, etc)
  • Infinite revision history
  • Google/Dropbox/iCloud syncing
  • Compatible with any device (Windows/Mac/Chromebook/Linux/iOS)
  • Pay what you want (from $0 up)
  • WriterDuet is donating 51% of all its July revenue to non-profits that help writers

WriterDuet founder Guy Goldstein writes about why he made the software in the first place:

It seems to me like the people behind Final Draft thought they’d “solved” screenwriting software some years ago, and basically stopped improving it. Four years after Final Draft 8, I believe version 9 was an extremely minor update. And they’re missing incredibly valuable features writers want. WriterDuet does almost everything Final Draft does, and so much more.

WriterSolo Offline Screenwriting Tool

Even though there's already a lot of options on the market (and though I liked the fact that WriterDuet was a niche-cloud based tool), after using it for a few days, I feel like WriterSolo is going to replace my current software (Fade In).

For me, it didn't take long to realize how powerful and easy the software is to use. There is a lot of room to customize to your liking. Being able to freely move panels and clutter from your workspace is handy, while other useful features like "Shorten Script" scans to find orphan words (words at the end of a sentence that create a new line) and other easy page-shrinking parameters. Overall, it's a strong (essentially free) offering from WriterDuet. If you're looking for a new screenwriting software, check it out.

For more info or to just start using the software, head on over to WriterSolo's homepage.