As we’ve already seen from the announcements of the NAB Show “Product of the Year” awards, even though it wasn’t unveiled at NAB, the Sony BURANO is one of the big headlines for the industry overall.

This is why it’s cool that our visit with the ZEISS booth features some hands-on exploration of their new Nano Prime lens set which could be great for use on the BURANO—or other cameras, we cast no judgment!

Let’s take a look at everything exciting and new showcased at the ZEISS booth at NAB 2024.

Cinematography for Actors ZEISS Interview

Featuring our hosts from Cinematography for Actors, our visit to the ZEISS booth featured a hands-on convo with ZEISS Senior Marketing Manager Tony Wisniewski as he showcased the best aspects and features of the new ZEISS Nano Prime lenses.

We also get a fun demo and exploration of the possibilities unlocked with the ZEISS CinCraft Scenario, the only real-time camera tracking system that works for all types of indoor and outdoor shoots, or—of course—on film sets and with green and blue screens and with all types of LED volumes.

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