In what might become a familiar refrain from this year’s NAB Show (and perhaps all future conferences as well), it sure looks like AI is going to be radically changing pretty much every fundamental building block of film and video production.

And while the AI takeover is nowhere near complete—just yet at least—we did get to see some pretty cool new AI-powered tools and features across the conference hall floors this year. One notable stop was with Strada as CEO Michael Cioni showcased their new AI-based creative companion.

Let’s check it out.

Strada at NAB Show 2024

As we covered when Cioni broke off of to use AI to reinvent creative workflows with Strada, the company has been a fascinating start-up to follow as it continues to bring innovation to the video editing workflow space. And, as you can see in our convo with Cioni and our NAB coverage hosts from Cinematography for Actors, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Check out our full video as Cioni shows off how Strada can be used for all types of workflow improvements, as well as even some very cool, and potentially helpful, AI-powered features for searching through your footage to find the exact right clips for your editing needs.

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